Friday, February 6, 2015

Teaser for Sweet Temptation by Wendy Higgins

The cover reveal for Wendy Higgins' Sweet Temptation, a companion novel to The Sweet Evil series, is almost here and Wendy was devious enough to let this little teaser slip; though I'm thinking it was actually Kai who manage to sneak this peek at the cover out.

Sweet Temptation is Kaidan's side of the story, encompassing all three Sweet novels (Sweet Evil, Sweet Peril, & Sweet Reckoning).

Bad boy Kaidan Rowe has never wanted for anything—money, popularity, musical talent…hot girls—but seducing them is part of his duty as a Nephilim, slave to the demon Dukes. As the son of the Duke of Lust, Kaidan has learned his father’s ways, becoming a master of passion, a manipulator of chemistry. Disobeying his father would mean certain death. Thankfully for Kaidan, he’s good at his job. And he enjoys it. 

Until he meets Anna Whitt—sweet, smart, feisty, and inexplicably good—the one girl seemingly immune to his charms. The daughter of a guardian angel and a fallen one, she has a certain power over him, one that makes him wish for more than he could ever deserve. 

Determined to save all the Neph from their dark lives as the influencers of sin, Anna joins forces with Kaidan to overcome the demons’ oppressive ways. In the light of her affections, Kaidan must undergo his toughest test of all, a battle of the heart.

Talk about a catch phrase - definitely Kai in 8 words. This is definitely a cover I want to see (only 2 more days!!) and a book that will be added to my shelves!

Sweet Temptation releases September 8, 2015 (available in ebook and paperback)


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