Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Forever Queen has Arrived....

She will become legend…

Lance is trapped in Avalon, and something more powerful and more dangerous than anything Cara has yet faced is trapped in this world. The only way to fix it is to break an ancient and powerful spell, but first Cara will have to figure out who or what cast it.

In the meantime the line between Cara’s two worlds is blurring. There are those in this world who know who she is, and have plans of their own for her future. Those plans involve treason.

Unfortunately those same people hold the key to breaking the spell and Cara will have to choose between Lance, her future, and saving the world.


Seriously. I cannot give this book enough praise. This series is a must for every one who loves the classic Arthurian tale of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot with an ingenious spin. Not to mention this cover - I mean really?! I try (as the old saying goes) not to judge a book by it's cover but seriously-- how completely beyond gorgeous is it? I know I did a cover reveal for it and gushed about it there but I feel it bears repeating (regushing? LOL)

I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of this book and man oh man...right in the feels from the get go. 

Nicola S. Dorrington has continued the story of Cara and her Knights as she is comes face to face something worse than a vengeful family member and is forced to choose between her Destiny, the greater good, and her hearts desire. We are also introduced to another sect of the Arthurian world; one who may or may not have the most honorable intentions for our heroine.

I definitely thought Cara was resilient, going with the flow while she accepts her role in this new, bigger world she was thrust into in the The Last Knight, but this book solidifies how tough enduring, and strong she has become. Even though she has her Knights by her side, many of the adversities she encounters require her to face them alone. We also learn more about both Gwyn, Percy and Lance as well as connect some of Cara's life before Destiny changed it forever to her life now.

I loved that we get to see Cara grow to her full potential - from simply trying to blend into the walls to standing up for herself when it counts. She truly grows comfortable in her skin throughout this book which is, in my mind, a great attribute to have in a lead female character.  Yes, she has help, but the help doesn't push her aside to do things or make decisions for her.

I have to say that the only thing I really missed from this book was Arthur helping to guide Cara the way he did in the first book. I don't, however, feel like it took away from the story because every hero/heroine has to learn to stand on their own two feet before they can truly become great.

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